Card beartrap

Bear Trap Card

Snaps a single enemy in its jaws when stepped on.

Bear Trap is the one Spell Card your Player Avatar (Hero) starts with at the beginning of the game (The Shores of Everwinter level).

Common Spell card.

Deals physical damage.

Duration 90.0s
Area of Effect 64.0
Mana Cost 1
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Cooldown 20.0s 18.0s 16.0s 14.0s 13.0s 12.0s 11.0s 10.5s 10s
Damage 50-100 60-120 70-140 80-160 90-180 100-200 110-220 120-240 130-260
Level 1→2 2→3 3→4 4→5 5→6 6→7 7→8 8→9
Upgrade Time 1m 20m 1h 6h30m 14h 1d12h 2d12h 2d17h

Appearance Edit


Bear Trap in-game

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Finishing Touch Kill 3 Liches with Bear Trap
Easy Jaws Spring the Bear Trap 20 times
Easy Piper Trap Kill 2 Pied Pipers with Bear Trap
Medium Bird Traps Kill 40 enemies from the Bird Tribe with Bear Trap
Medium Entrapment Kill 25 enemies with Bear Trap
Hard Bear Trap Madness Kill 100 enemies with Bear Trap
Hard Fast Trap Kill 25 Windbeak Nightrunners with Bear Trap
Hard It's A Trap! Spring the Bear Trap 20 times
Hard Snap! Spring the Bear Trap 50 times
Hard Trapping Infiltrators Kill 45 Wyrmidon Infiltrators with Bear Trap
Hard Watch Your Step Kill 100 enemies with Bear Trap.

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