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Card blink
"A nimble ninja who can slip across the battlefield in the blink of an eye."

Common Hero Card

Blink is a Melee fighter with the ability to teleport across the map. She can be obtained randomly as rewards throughout the game map, in Daily Chests, Arena, Challenges, Outpost, etc.

Stats Edit

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
450 490 540 600 660 730 800 850 ?
Mana Cost
Melee Dmg
15-19 17-23 19-27 22-32 25-36 28-41 32-46 36-51 ?
Melee Dmg DPS
17 20 23.5 27 30.5 34.5 39 43.5 ?
Attack Speed
40s 44s 49s 55s 61s 68s 75s ? ?
Upgrade Time
30m 1h30m 7h 16h 1d8h ? ? ?


Blink is very useful on large maps and those that have split paths. Being able to teleport from one point to another in a blink, it is best used to rapidly switch from foe to foe, thus providing your defenses time to get rid of them. Blink is also very useful to take out runners that make it past choke points. Downside to Blink is she has low health and damage output.

Appearance Edit

Level Every Level

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Flash ! Kill 30 enemies with Blink
Easy Teleporting Wonder Win "A Heroic Defence" with 3 Stars using only Blink
Hard Feeling Small Kill 1 War Mammoth with Blink
Hard Flash FInisher Kill 250 enemies from the Bird Tribe with Blink