Bone Archers are exceptional marksmen.

"It takes time to master the bow and arrow, and the Bone Archers have had plenty. They shoot tireless volleys and aim with unnatural precision."

Undead bonearcher-0
Health 150
Melee Damage 6-8
Ranged Damage 12-20
Poison Resistance 100%
Speed 55
Mana Bounty 12
Heart Cost 1

The level with the most Bone Archers (100) is Spire of the Undead King (Level 46).

You first encounter this enemy on Mistmoor Wood or Nevertwain Road depending on the path you choose.

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Broken Arrow Kill 25 Bone Archers
Medium Bowfinger Kill 75 Bone Archers
Hard Break their Bows Kill 250 Bone Archers

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