Card packs boost your collection with random cards. All packs have a small chance for a Legendary Card.

Card Pack Cost Location No. of Cards Notes
Crazy Card Pack $99.99 Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 100 Contains at least: 7x Epic, 7x Rare
Super Card Pack $29.99 Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 30 Contains at least: 2x Epic, 2x Rare
Epic Card Pack $11.99 Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 10 Contains at least: 1x Epic
Card Pack $4.99 Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 8 Contains at least: 1x Rare
Mini Card Pack Free

(Watch Video)

Crazy Kings Shop (Store) 2 or 3 Available every 10h
Challenge Reward Card Pack 50 Medals Challenges 6

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