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Description Edit

"Birds now roost in these tunnels, but long ago they held the embalmed remains of the Caliph's honor guard. Legend has it that their burial treasures lie beyond these shafts... and that the dead guard them still."

Resources Edit

Hearts Mana Waves Towers Avg Time
5 340 6 6 ~5 min

Opposing Army Edit

Bat 55
Bluefeather Brawler 41
Skeleton 38
Zombie 18
Redcrest Raptor 6
Bone Archer 6
Skeleton Warrior 6
Greenchirp Warbird 5
Ghoul 4
Ghost 3
Giant Skeleton 2
Lich 1

Strategy GuideEdit

Suggestions: use Pirate Towers at the beginning of the map and then Lightning/Holy Towers in combination with at least 3 Heroes in order to block as many enemies as you can in the towers range.

Try to upgrade chain lightning on all of your Lightning Towers or you will be quickly overrun by all of the Bats.

- Use Slow Towers at the top left and bottom of the map. In the middle go for either Well of Souls, Crossbow Tower (Master Blaster) upgrade or Lightning Towers with the Chain Lightning Upgrade.

- You don't really need any heroes for this particular level. Just replace them with AOE spells like Bladestorm, Freeze, Meteor Strike and Clarion Call. Don't use Spider Mine as its useless against Undead.

- If you insist on using heroes try Sapphira and Wolfric. They are both ranged, so they can easily pick off the fast bats that come out. Combo these heroes with Slow Towers and its GG!

Location Edit


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