This page provides history of all the elections run on the wiki and results of each. When adding new elections, add them to the bottom of the list. Also include the date, and the winner. Every election will result in one of the entry users being picked, and the day they are promoted is shortly after the voting ends. If something is wrong with the history, message an administrator, and they will check the past elections and fix it.
Election Type Date Entry User 1 Entry User 2 Entry User 3 Entry User 4 Winning User Date Promoted
Admin 7/10/2015 Alpha358 Legendqueen DLiang Boldstrife User 2 7/16/2015
Rollback 7/17/2015 Alpha358 Merivell Boldstrife Tijn81 User 1 7/23/2015
Chatmod 7/24/2015 Zakky1 JinRonin GazzaLazza Merivell User 2 7/30/2015
Moderator 7/31/2015 Santah Potatodragon GazzaLazza Zakky1 User 3 8/6/2015
Rollback 8/14/2015 Merivell Potatodragon Kyou345 Schizophoenix User 1 ???
??? 8/28/2015 ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

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