Undead faction shield
Enormous in size and power, Emberskull can dish out lots of damage.
The arch-necromancer Bantheas the Gloomy built Emberskull from the bones of a dragon, thinking to harness its fiery power. He succeeded beyond his wildest hopes, as his ashes can attest.
Undead emberskull
Health 10000
Physical Melee Damage 200-300
Magic Armor 10%
Poison Resistance 100%
Speed 30
Mana Bounty 500
Heart Cost 100

Emberskull is the Boss in Undead Land and is encountered in "Dying Embers".

Abilities Edit

  • Summons Emberspawns in groups of three.
  • Fire Breath attack, which does huge damage to Heroes.

Related Quest Edit

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Medium Going Extinct Win "Dying Embers" using only Tower Cards