A player can have a maximum of 50 Energy at any time. The player automatically accumulates one Energy every three minutes. 50 Energy can also be bought for 89 Gems. The way to do this is by attempting to spend Energy that you don’t have. A dialog box titled “Not Enough Energy” will open and you will be asked, “Buy 50 Energy with Gems?” Clicking "X" will return you to the game. Clicking on the "89 Gems" button will buy you the Energy.

10 Energy

It costs 10 Energy to play a level, including those in the Outpost.

20 Energy

It costs 20 Energy to play a level through Challenges.

Level Completion Edit

Energy can also be obtained as rewards for completing levels the first time. Five Energy are rewarded for each winning Star to which Energy has been assigned. This is applicable to levels in Minotaur Land, Undead Land, Avian Land, Slime Land and Serpent Land but not Yeti Land or Orc Land. What follows is a list of levels in which Energy is rewarded:

Minotaur Land Edit

Tower of the Minotaur King Edit

Undead Land Edit

Spire of the Undead King Edit

Avian Land Edit

Eyrie of the Avian King Edit

Slime Land Edit

Serpent Land Edit