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"Their hearth-fires still glow, but the cautious colonists of Bittergust are long gone – warned by the war drums and the scent of angry fur. All that marks their passing are the grooves in the ice where they pushed their boats to sea."

This is the second level of Yeti Land (Boreal).


Hearts Mana Waves Towers Avg. Time
10 600 11 9 ~11 min 5

Opposing ArmyEdit

Plague Rat 111
Rat 108
Yeti Peakstrider 103
Yeti Snowball 87
Yeti Iceweaver (first encounter) 21

Rewards Edit

Each new Star you win in this level earns you a reward from this chest! (Items in parentheses are predefined and not random.)

1Star tran-0
2Stars tran-0
3Stars tran-0
Gems (3) Gems (5) Card

Related Quest Edit

For the moment, "Exodus" has no related quest.

Strategy GuideEdit

Please check the link above for detailed discussion on this level. If you have problems winning other levels, try searching the forum to find instructions!

Location Edit