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16th level of the Eyrie of the Avian King.

Resources Edit

Hearts Mana Waves Towers Avg Time
10 200 4 0 ~3 min

Opposing Army Edit

Bluefeather Brawler 30
Bluefeather Brave 21
Blackwing Hunter 6
Redcrest Raptor 5
Egg Knight 4
Greenchirp Warbird 4
Blackwing Huntmaster 3
Windbeak Nightrunner 3
Bloodbeak Berserker 2
Phoenix Smoothwarbler 2
Cruelsquawk Hatchmaster 2

Strategy Guide Edit

At first I struggled with this level, but eventually got 3 crowns using only Clarion Call and Healing Spring as my spells and filling it up with hero cards.

I placed all my heroes at the entrance of the map and used both spells the moment they got of cooldown.

If needed you can drop one more hero and take Bladestorm instead to clear some of the tougher waves.

If you still have problems passing this stage, please post a thread in this forum to ask for help!

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