Card freezing

Freeze Spell Card

Snap-freeze enemies in a giant block of ice.

Common Spell card.

Mana Cost 30
Level 1→2 2→3 3→4 4→5 5→6 6→7 7→8 8→9
5m 45m 4h 10h 22h 1d16h 2d 2d12h
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Cooldown 70.0s 68.0s 66.0s 64.0s 63.0s 62.0s 61.0s 60.0s 59.0s
Duration 11.0s 12.0s 13.0s 14.0s 15.0s 16.0s 17.0s 18.0s 19.0s
Magic Damage 11-16 12-18 13-20 14-22 15-24 16-26 17-28 18-30 19-32
Area of Effect 105.0 110.0 115.0 120.0 125.0 130.0 135.0 140.0 145.0

Appearance Edit


Freeze in action

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy A Dish Best Served Cold Freeze 100 enemies with Freeze
Easy Warm Resort Win "An Unlikely Haven" without using Freeze
Medium Allow Me to Break the Ice Freeze 200 enemies with Freeze
Medium Ice Age Freeze 60 enemies with Freeze
Medium Let Me Break the Ice Freeze 200 enemies with Freeze spell
Hard Ice to Meet You Freeze 750 enemies with Freeze
Hard Popsicle Kill 50 enemies with Freeze

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