Minotaur faction shield
The belligerent boss of the Minotaurs. He stuns Towers with a mighty slam.
Commanding the mighty Minotaur Horde, King Bullhead IX is determined to conquer the world. He covers his grotesque head with a heavy crown and clings to life with an ever increasing diet of healing potions.
Mino king
Health 6000
Melee Damage 100-200
Speed 15
Mana Bounty 500
Heart Cost 100

You first encounter this enemy on Tower of the Minotaur King (Level 10).

Background Edit

King Bullhead IX is first encountered in the cutscene The Fall of Ardor where he raids our own hero's village in hopes of a bountiful loot, after which he runs off to his Tower.

Bullhead IX has varying arsenal of different abilities:

  • Health potions, which King Bullhead IX uses to heal himself. He uses one potion on level 20, 2 on level 30, 3 on level 40 and 4 on level 50.
  • Stunning hammer, with which King Bullhead IX can stun your towers.

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