Crazy Kings Community Portal

Welcome to the Crazy Kings Wiki Community Portal! Here you will find information specific to the Crazy Kings Wiki community, such as collaborative projects, guidelines, admin introduction, and New Member information.

We recommend new wikians and those who are interested in editing first read this page before participating in the growth of our community in order to uphold accurate and consistent information.
Community Projects
All contributions that are relevant to the game are appreciated, however we would like to point out certain ongoing projects that could really benefit from community collaboration. Below is a list of current areas in our wiki that need more information.

Current Projects
- Implementing the new Style Guides
- Adding your USERID# to the User ID List

Contributions Recognised
This section is dedicated to recognising significant contributions made by editors of this wiki. This wiki can only be as good as the contributors and editors that use it and make it what it is. From time to time, individuals shine above the rest by coming up with novel changes, major improvements, enhanced layouts, better presentation, etc. It is these individuals that this section will name and highlight.

Your contributions are truly note worthy and deserve a special mention and a profound appreciation from this wiki community. For this period two such editors that stand out are Mx360HeRoTiiK and Mmekbe for their work on setting up the new Orc level pages. Particular thanks to Mmekbe for sourcing the graphic files for the Orc Faction.

Chat and Chat Events
Every now and then we host a Chat Event where players from around the world turn up at an agreed upon hour to meet other players, talk about Crazy Kings, and whatever else! We encourage new Wikians to come out to chat events, as they are great fun. Chat events are organized in advanced on the Chat Events Board.

The live chat feature is a part of Wikia that is available to use 24h a day and can be accessed from most pages in the right side column. You can also click here.

Please check out our Chat Policy and Chat Event History to find out more about our chat events! You can also directly contact our admin Alpha358 to see when the next event is.

See you on chat!

Acquiring Graphics
If there is something specific you feel the Wiki needs in terms of Graphics, please check this blog for assistance.

Keep in mind what's already in our Gallery. You may have to click a few pages back to find some original sprites & pictures such as:

- All/Most enemies

- Many Maps, as they most are already uploaded on our levels section

- Cards

New to the Wiki?
First and foremost, welcome to our wiki! We're looking forward to having you contribute to and benefit from the content of our wiki. Here are some links to help you get started on our wiki:

1. Get familiar with our Forum Guidelines before posting on the forum!
2. Introduce yourself on our Meet & Greet Board
3. Share any interesting tips or strategies on our Strategy Board
4. Participate in our great GIVEAWAYS!

Bonus: Add a profile and an avatar! Check out this blogpost that goes over some tips to customize your profile page.

Style Guides
Before creating new pages, please be sure to check out our Style Guides! We are keen to keep a cohesive look on our wiki by following a uniform standard. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please suggest them to one of the active admins listed below!

Card Pages, Levels, and Bestiary Style Guide

Get to know the Admins who help organize the wiki! Feel free to message any of our admins on their Message Walls when you have questions. You can view their Profiles, Message Walls, Blogs, and more on their respective User pages!

Mismagius Star Joined June 12, 2015
Alpha358 Joined June 28, 2015
Unknown Artist 141 Joined March 14, 2016
Kilter666 Joined November 3, 2015

If you are interested in becoming an Admin, please look out for our Elections.

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