Minotaur faction shield
Towering over other Minotaurs, the Brute is a terrifying foe.
Bigger is always better’ - a favorite motto of the Minotaurs. Their social hierarchies, with few exceptions, are based solely on stature.
Mino brute
Health 800
Melee Damage 30-60
Physical Armor 50%
Speed 40
Mana Bounty 60
Heart Cost 3

You first encounter this enemy on Nightfall.

The level with the most Minotaur Brutes(15) is Peregrine Landing.

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Annihilating Brutes Kill 5 Minotaur Brutes with Prisms of the Sun
Easy Lightning Rod Kill 3 Minotaur Brutes with Thunderstorm
Easy Prime Beef Kill 1 Minotaur Brute
Medium Big Souls Kill 10 Minotaur Brutes with Wells of Souls
Medium Big Targets Kill 3 Minotaur Brutes with Sniper Towers
Medium Brute Beam Kill 16 Minotaur Brutes with Prisms of the Sun
Medium Et Tu, Brute? Kill 10 Minotaur Brutes

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