Minotaur faction shield
Bow-wielding bovines adept at striking from afar.
Wielding a club comes naturally to a Minotaur, but a bow is a trickier proposition that requires actual skill. As a result, Marksbulls represent the smartest of the Minotaur armies.
Minotaur marksbull
Health 100
Melee Damage 4-6
Ranged Damage 8-16
Speed 50
Mana Bounty 10
Heart Cost 1

You first encounter this enemy on Rimehearth.

The level with the most Minotaur Marksbulls(57) is Aspenfall.

Related Quest Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Accursed Archers Kill 30 Minotaur Marksbulls
Medium Marksman Kill 100 Minotaur Marksbulls with Archer Tower

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