Minotaur faction shield
Mobile soup kitchens for the Minotaur-on-the-Go. Mind the splash!
Minotaurs eat on the hoof, and their cooks run into battle to serve up an in-fight snack. Unfortunately for us, Minotaur cooking smells so bad it puts everyone else off their lunch.
Minotaur pothead
Health 400
Physical Melee Damage 15-30
Poison Resistance 30%
Speed 60
Mana Bounty 25
Heart Cost 1

This unit disables nearby Towers upon death.

You first encounter this enemy on "Ice Lands".

The level with the most Minotaur Potheads (10) is "Aesir's Loom".

Related Quest Edit

For the moment, Minotaur Potheads have no related quest.