Undead faction shield
Gifted in the dark arts, Necromancers raise Skeletons to battle.
Lollygagging never did anyone good, even the dead. Better to fight than to lie around in a box." - Austus Bonecus, Necromancer.
Undead necromancer-1
Health 400
Physical Melee Damage 8-12
Magic Ranged Damage 30-45
Resist Magic Damage 35%
Poison Resistance 100%
Speed 45
Mana Bounty 35
Heart Cost 2

You first encounter this enemy on "Middlemarch Barrow".

The levels with the most Necromancers (9) are "The Lonely Village" and "Crypt of the Undead King" (Level 10 of Spire of the Undead King).

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Did You Summon Me? Kill 2 Necromancers with Behemoth
Medium Sniping Summoners Kill 8 Necromancers with Sniper Towers.
Hard No More Raising the Dead Kill 30 Necromancers

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