Battle against waves of Orcs to win Cards and improve your Battle Deck.

The Orc Arena in The Land Beyond can be accessed after passing "Stormwind Forest".


One random reward Card is won when an Arena map is successfully defeated.

Orc Arena Rewards
Common (9) Uncommon (9) Rare (6)
Tower (5) Snowball Tower Anti-Air Tower Mana Tower
Dart Tower
Javelin Tower
Spell (6) Freeze Rally Artillery
Healing Spring Thunder Moose
Totem of Might
Hero (6) Blink Ace Cindara
Holly Wolfric
Equipment (7) Fangblade Helm of the Valkyrie Boots of the March
Salamander's Sting Staff of Dawn Vermilion Helm
Talisman of Life

Bonus CardEdit

An additional bonus Card can be won when the bonus bar is full. This bonus Card will be one of the Uncommon or Rare reward Cards. Each play (win or lose) will progress the bonus Card bar. Each time a bonus Card is received the number of plays needed to fill the bar increases to a maximum of 50 plays.

Different Arena MapsEdit

Using the Scout Report will tell you which Arena map you will have if you look at the amount of available Tower spots. The general rule: The more spots, the more difficult the map.

You can get either 4 or 5 waves of Orcs in the Arena.

Tower Slots (Version) Map Hearts Initial Mana Waves
Orc Arena 1
1 1000 4-5
Orc Arena 2
1 1000 4-5
Orc Arena 3
1 1100 4-5
Orc Arena 4
1 1100 4-5
Orc Arena 5
1 1100 4-5
Orc Arena 6
1 1100 4-5
13 (A)
Orc Arena 7
1 1100 4-5
13 (B)
Orc Arena 8
1 1000 4-5
14 (A)
Orc Arena 9
1 1100 4-5
14 (B)
Orc Arena 10
1 1000 4-5

Location Edit

To be added.

Related Quests Edit

For the moment, Orc Arena has no related quest.