Bird faction shield
Shaman that heals nearby allies.
For the birds of Sandperch, heaven is a lush green glade with a nice perch and plenty of seed. The Smoothwarblers dangle this dream before their allies to give them the courage to fight on.
Bird phoenixsmoothwarbler-0
Health 500
Melee Damage Physical 15-20
Ranged Damage Magic 50-80
Magic Armor 50%
Speed 70
Mana Bounty 40
Heart Cost 2

You first encounter this enemy on "Song of the Smoothwarbler" or "Sandstone Aquifer", depending on the path you choose.

The level with the most Phoenix Smoothwarblers (34) is "Highest Roost of the Avian King".

Related Quest Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Medium Heal Block Kill 5 Phoenix Smoothwarblers