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Eyrie of the Avian King L30


30th level of the Eyrie of the Avian King. This is the third time King Carrion is encountered in this tower.

Information Edit

Hearts Mana Waves Towers Avg. Time
10 750 8 17 ~8 min 10

Opposing Army Edit

Bluefeather Brawler 117
Bluefeather Brave 101
Greenchirp Warbird 37
Redcrest Raptor 23
Windbeak Nightrunner 19
Bluefeather Bombardier 13
Blackwing Huntmaster 13
Blackwing Hunter 9
Albatross 8
Bloodbeak Berserker 4
Egg Knight 1
Cruelsquawk Hatchmaster 1
King Carrion 1
Wickerman (first encounter) Varies

Rewards Edit

Each new Crown you win in this level earns you a reward from this chest! (Items in parentheses are predefined and not random.)

Gems (5) Card Card (Rare)

Strategy Guide Edit

To be added.