Bird faction shield
Shaman that speeds up nearby allies.
Most birds would turn their beaks up at the phrase, 'If you can't outfight 'em, you gotta outrun 'em'. But the Windprophets embrace this motto and often prove it to be the key to victory.
Bird quickfeatherwindprophet-0
Health 500
Physical Melee Damage 15-20
Magic Ranged Damage 50-80
Magic Armor 50%
Speed 70
Mana Bounty 40
Heart Cost 2

You first encounter this enemy on "The Quickfeather's Trill".

The level with the most Quickfeather Windprophets (9) is "Pirates Graveyard".

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Put on the Brakes Kill 3 Quickfeather Windprophets
Hard Be Quick or Be Dead Kill 20 Quickfeather Windprophets