While weak individually, a mob of skeletons can do serious damage.

"Necromancers reanimate the remains of the dead to fight for them. Skeletons are their first targets, as they make excellent cannon fodder."

Undead skeleton-0
Health 70
Melee Damage 10-12
Poison Resistance 100%
Speed 60
Mana Bounty 6
Heart Cost 1

The level with the most Skeletons (231) is Spire of the Undead King (Level 44)

You first encounter this enemy on The Ruins of Riven Hill.

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Boneyard Kill 300 Skeletons
Medium Bone to Pick Kill 250 Skeletons
Medium Molten Bones Kill 160 Skeletons with Volcano Towers

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