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The Archipelago

Description Edit

"Dozens of tropical islands are scattered across the warm waters of the Crowded Sea. Havens for pirates, homes for castaways - and nesting grounds for King Carrion's flocks."

Resources Edit

Hearts Mana Waves Towers Avg Time
10 350 4 9 ~3 min

Opposing Army Edit

Greenchirp Warbird 29
Bluefeather Brave (first encounter) 14
Windbeak Nightrunner 9
Redcrest Raptor 9
Bluefeather Bombardier 7
Bloodbeak Berserker 4
Egg Knight 4
Phoenix Smoothwarbler 1

Strategy GuideEdit

Please check the link above for detailed discussion on this level. If you have problems winning other levels, try searching the forum to find instructions!



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