"Back when this desert was a lush veldt, great lumbering beasts strode its hills and grazed upon trees and townsfolk. It would take an army to bring a single one down.

"Speaking of armies, here comes one now..."


Hearts Mana Waves Towers Avg. Time
10 1000 6 15 ~5 min 6

Opposing Army Edit

Bluefeather Brawler 135
Blackwing Hunter 28
Redcrest Raptor 25
Greenchirp Warbird 25
Bluefeather Bombardier 17
Windbeak Nightrunner 7
Redquill Feathersage 4
Quickfeather Windprophet 4
Phoenix Smoothwarbler 2

Rewards Edit

Each new Star you win in this level earns you a reward from this chest! (Items in parentheses are predefined and not random.)

1Star tran-0
2Stars tran-0
3Stars tran-0
Energy (5) Energy (5) Card

Related Quest Edit

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Medium Towers Versus Birds Win "The Fallen Leviathan" using only Tower Cards

Strategy Guide Edit

To be added.

Location Edit