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The Leaden Spiral


"At the top of this hill, Gravelspine first took up the Pewter Crown; and at the top of this hill, the assassin's arrow ended his reign. It is a site of great power and madness, and the Necromancers and the Minotaurs both hunger for it. It must not fall to them!"


Hearts Mana Waves Towers
10 100 8 18

Opposing ArmyEdit

Bone Archer 51
Skeleton Warrior 36
Rat 30
Spectral Warrior 30
Skeleton 30
Ghoul 30
Minotaur Mailhoof 25
Royal Minotaur Marksbull 23
Minotaur Knight 21
Royal Minotaur Mailhoof 20
Minotaur Grunt 20
Minotaur Marksbull 19
Giant Skeleton 11
Royal Minotaur Executioner 9
Minotaur Spellweaver 8
Vampire 6
Royal Minotaur Guard 6
Necromancer 4
Pied Piper 4
Lich 2
Minotaur Brute 1

Strategy GuideEdit

Please check the link above for detailed discussion on this level. If you have problems winning other levels, try searching the forum to find instructions!

Location Edit


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