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The Outpost is a small island off the southern coast of the Unholy Land which lets you play an extra level against the Ironclad once a day for a prize.

On day 3 you will receive a random Uncommon card and on day 7 you will receive a random Rare card. These are revealed for the week ahead (see image). On the other days of the week you will receive random Common cards.

The cycle repeats itself every 7 days (i.e. day 10 will be an Uncommon and day 14 will be a Rare). Starting at day 8, you also receive gems along with a card for each day you defend the Outpost. When you miss a day of defending, the day count resets to 1.

Starting from December 2015 update, you will also receive a random Epic Card on day 40 and every 35 days afterward (day 75, day 110, etc.).

According to information within the game, it is possible to win cards that you have not discovered yet, in the Outpost.

Did you miss a day's play, resulting in resetting of the outpost back to day one? No more worrying about that. It is now possible for you to pay some gems to resume the Outpost from where you dropped off (25 gems for the first day, +10 gems per day, up to a maximum of 95 gems).

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Siege! Defend The Outpost once
Hard Last Bastion Defend The Outpost two times
Hard Under Siege! Defend The Outpost three times