Bird faction shield
Lightning-fast shock troop.
The Nightrunners of the Windbeaks are easily recognized by their signature crest comb-over and their stunning purple plumage. Most of their time off the battlefield is spent preening.
Bird nightrunner-0
Health 280
Melee Damage 20-40
Physical Armor 10%
Magic Armor 35%
Speed 120
Mana Bounty 20
Heart Cost 1

You first encounter this enemy on The Nikadian Badlands or Dragoman's Neck, depending on the path you choose.

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest name Objective
Easy Quick Kills Kill 20 Windbeak Nightrunners
Easy No Running Kill 25 Windbeak Nightrunners
Easy Stop the Wind Kill 25 Windbeak Nightrunners
Medium How to Aim Your Dragon Kill 5 Windbeak Nightrunners with Summon Dragon
Hard Born To Run Kill 150 Windbeak Nightrunners
Hard Fast Trap Kill 25 Windbeak Nightrunners with Bear Trap