Serpent faction shield
Sneaky slithering assassins whose victims never see them coming.
Wyrmlings who demonstrate the gift of invisibility are taken in by the Chameleon Caste. These shadowy mercenaries sell their services to the highest bidder... an arrangement that is usually fatal for the second-highest bidder.
Serpent infiltrator
Health 350
Physical Melee Damage 16-30
Magical Armor 10%
Speed 65
Mana Bounty 20
Heart Cost 1

This is an invisible unit.

You first encounter this enemy on "Heart of the Lavamire" or "Refuge of the Pyroclast", depending on the path you choose.

The level with the most Wyrmidon Infiltrators (215) is "Temple of the Serpent King (Level 10)".

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Stop Sneaking Kill 6 Wyrmidon Infiltrators with Bolas Towers
Hard Trapping Infiltrators Kill 45 Wyrmidon Infiltrators with Bear Trap