Yeti faction shield
Big bruisers who form the hairy honor guard of the Hierophant.
These proud Yeti warriors have sworn a solemn blood oath: to lay down their lives for the Clan, to never set foot below the peak, and to comb the Hierophant twice a day.
Yeti praetorian2
Health 650
Physical Melee Damage 40-60
Poison Resistance 15%
Speed 75
Mana Bounty 20
Heart Cost 1
Yeti Praetorians are summoned by Yeti Hierophant and therefore only appear on "The Giant's Table". Two Yeti Praetorians are summoned about every 12 seconds once the Yeti Hierophant appears.

Related Quest Edit

For the moment, Yeti Praetorians have no related quest.