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You Shall Not Pass!


"The Liches have turned their ruinous gaze on Kellstone Ford. These dread lieutenants of the Undead King have cursed the soil and we cannot build any towers! Our Heroes must hold the Ford alone against them..."

Restrictions: No Towers


Hearts Mana Waves Towers Avg. Time
20 230 5 0 ~5 min 6

Opposing ArmyEdit

Zombie 20
Skeleton 18
Ghoul 10
Bone Archer 5
Skeleton Warrior 4
Lich (first encounter) 2
Vampire 1
Necromancer 1
Pied Piper 1

Rewards Edit

Each new Star you win in this level earns you a reward from this chest! (Items in parentheses are predefined and not random.)

1Star tran-0
2Stars tran-0
3Stars tran-0
Energy (5) Card Gems (5)

Related Quest Edit

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Medium Who Else Can You Trust? Win "You Shall Not Pass!" without using Centurion

Strategy Guide Edit

To be added.

Location Edit