Undead faction shield
Zombies are durable and sluggish, like shambling sacks of poison.
Stories of Zombies have scared children for centuries. Battles with Zombies will scare Heroes for eternity.
Undead zombie-0
Health 75
Physical Melee Damage 6-12
Poison Melee Damage 10
Poison Resistance 100%
Speed 30
Mana Bounty 6
Heart Cost 1

You first encounter this enemy on "Fallowmarsh".

The level with the most Zombies (150) is "Spire of the Undead King (Level 43)".

Related Quests Edit

Difficulty Quest Name Objective
Easy Zombies!!! Kill 100 Zombies
Medium Dragon vs Zombies Kill 100 Zombies with Summon Dragon
Hard The Walking Dead Kill 1,000 Zombies
Hard Zombie Smash Kill 250 Zombies with Knuckle